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Our Events & Activities

What We Do

KSOL Members volunteer their time, talents and expertise to:

  • Produce major fund-raising projects
  • KSO Instrument Petting Zoo
  • Provide music scholarships to youths
  • Assist KSO's administrative staff

Instrument Petting Zoo

Instrument Petting Zoo

If you love interacting with elementary-age students, you might be just the person to become one of our Instrument Petting Zoo docents. We provide students in our local and surrounding-area schools with a hands-on opportunity to handle and play actual instruments of the orchestra. Our volunteers do not necessarily have a music background, but they do love kids. You may volunteer for as many or as few zoos as you wish. Just remember, words cannot describe the wonderful feeling you will have after participating in a zoo, so come and experience a zoo firsthand.

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Today, the KSO League purpose, while maintaining the social benefits, is geared more towards fund-raising, friend-raising and educational outreach activities with the stated purpose:

• To serve as an auxiliary organization of the KSO,
• To raise funds for to support the KSO and its educational programs,
• To promote the appreciation and understanding of symphonic music in the community.

To date, the League has contributed over $2 million to the Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra.

Monthly Meeting

Membership Meetings & Programs

KSO League members have an opportunity to meet monthly to enjoy music educational programs, strengthen friendships, and connect with the symphony community.

General Membership Meetings - 2017-2018

  • Thursday, September 19
    5:00 p.m.
    The Beacon Club
    KSO President/CEO Peter Gistelinck
    "Season Overview"

  • Thursday, October 26
    11:00 a.m.
    The Park Club
    Gabriel Renteria-Elyea, Oboe 
    Donato Cabrera, Conductor

  • Thursday, November 9
    11:00 a.m.
    The Park Club
    Anna Vinnitskaya, Piano
    Edwin Outwater, Conductor

  • Thursday, January 18
    11:00 am
    The Beacon Club
    KSO's Daniel Brier - Education Programs
  • Thursday, February 22
    11:00 a.m.
    The Park Club
    Pablo Ferrandez-Castro, Cello
    Andrew Grams, Conductor

  • Thursday, March 22
    11:00 a.m.
    The Park Club
    Anne Akiko Meyers, Violinist
    Stilian Kirov, Conductor

  • Tuesday, April 17
    5:00 pm
    The Beacon Club
    Orchestra Roah

  • Thursday, May 17
    Annual Meeting  
    5:00 p.m.
    Kalamazoo Country Club
    Eroica Trio (time permitting
    Julian Kuerit, Conductor

KSO Office Assistance

KSO Office Assistance

KSO League members volunteer their time to assist KSO staff with mailings, promoting concerts, and a variety of other special projects.

Book Club

KSO League Book Club offers members the opportunity to read and discuss literature related to music and the arts.

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Love the Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra? Join us! Volunteer with the Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra League.

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Overtures is a reception to introduce the KSO League's mission and activities to interested potential members.

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