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Timeline of Key Events

1930 Women's Committee formed; Blanche Hull, First President
1932 Junior Auxiliary formed
1951 Name changed to Women's Symphony Association; Junior Auxiliary combined with Association
1964 Gilmore Fashion Show (held annually through 1999)
1970 "Snowball" later known as the Symphony Ball (In honor of Leta G. Snow)
1973 "Bargain Boutiques"
1975 Oktoberfest (last held in 1986)
1976 Musical wrapping paper introduced
1976 "Mis-Match" with Bobbie Riggs
1978 Rotogravure, an advertising supplement to the Kalamazoo Gazette
1982 Evening of Note (held annually through 1998, 2000–02)
1982 Endowed the Principal Cello Chair
1982 First Designers' Showhouse (others held in 1988, 1991, 1992, 1995, & 1999)
1983 Name changed to Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra League, first men admitted
1986 French Quarter Festival
1986 Homes Tour (also sponsored 1989–91, 1993–94, 1996, 2001)
1990 May 1989 Homes Tour Tablescapes chosen by the American Symphony Orchestra League as one of six outstanding projects in the nation
1991 Endowed the Principal Trumpet Chair
1996 New Year's Eve "Viennese Ball"
1996 Endowed the Clark den Bleyker Assistant Principal Bass Chair
2003 Received Silver Award for Volunteer Projects from ASOL for the Instrument Petting Zoo
2003 Pledged $75,000 to the KSO "Artists-in-Residence" campaign
2004 Almost $1.7 million raised since inception
2004 Fantasy Fiddles—Painted Violins
2004 American Girl Fashion Show®
2005 Homes Tour—"High Notes of Downtown Living"
2005 75th Anniversary Gala Celebration
2006 Venetian Carnivale—New Year's Eve
2007 Homes Tour—"High Notes of Downtown Living II"
2007 Petting Zoo renamed "Kushner & Company Instrument Petting Zoo"
2007 Symphony of Tablescapes
2008 KSOL General Scholarship renamed Ramona Bernhard Scholarship
2008 Symphony of Homes Tour—Gull Lake
2009 Homes Tour--"High Notes of Downtown Living III"
2011 Musical Chairs--Painted chair project